My Tribute to My Best Friend

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. . “When I was losing my best friend to AIDS I was so fearful for my future. This was my last friend to die. . He had an infant son who was kept from him by the family because they just didn't have any education about AIDS. My friend missed seeing his son most of all. . As his days wound down, he asked me to take his silver ring with a blue tigers eye. I had a matching one in gold. When he offered it to me, I said no. It didn't fit. I wouldn't wear it. I thought he could give it to someone who would relish it. But, he persisted I take it. . Finally he said, "What if you meet my son one day. You can give it to him." This was hardly likely yet I kept ring for more than 25 years. . Coincidentally, I met his son last year and he is gay as well. He was excited to talk about his dad and I told him the story of the ring. We both cried. . It was so incredible that we met and I could fulfill his father's wish for his son to have his ring. This is The Coincidence Lottery jackpot. . Rarely is there a happy ending with AIDS but, at least for his son, there was one happy ending. . The photograph is the son and I wearing the matching rings.” — by Cosgrove Norstatdt . #whatisrememberedlives #theaidsmemorial #aidsmemorial #neverforget #endaids

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Published by Cosgrove Norstadt and Jeff Foote

We are an older couple together for 25 years and married for six. We have appeared on DIARY OF AN AFFAIR for Lifetime. We did a pilot for the Travel Channel called MR. AND MR. SMITH. We also were featured on MSNBC's EXTREME EXPOSURE. Our last project was THE GLORYHOLE which is available on the DVD PARIS 559 or through Vimeo.

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