My Tribute to My Best Friend

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. . “When I was losing my best friend to AIDS I was so fearful for my future. This was my last friend to die. . He had an infant son who was kept from him by the family because they just didn't have any education about AIDS. My friend missed seeing his son most of all. . As his days wound down, he asked me to take his silver ring with a blue tigers eye. I had a matching one in gold. When he offered it to me, I said no. It didn't fit. I wouldn't wear it. I thought he could give it to someone who would relish it. But, he persisted I take it. . Finally he said, "What if you meet my son one day. You can give it to him." This was hardly likely yet I kept ring for more than 25 years. . Coincidentally, I met his son last year and he is gay as well. He was excited to talk about his dad and I told him the story of the ring. We both cried. . It was so incredible that we met and I could fulfill his father's wish for his son to have his ring. This is The Coincidence Lottery jackpot. . Rarely is there a happy ending with AIDS but, at least for his son, there was one happy ending. . The photograph is the son and I wearing the matching rings.” — by Cosgrove Norstatdt . #whatisrememberedlives #theaidsmemorial #aidsmemorial #neverforget #endaids

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