Hospitals Demonizing Gay Men

I suffer from Atrial fibrillation. I’ve been to the hospital 6 times this year. Here in the Palm Springs area, I have been to both the major hospitals in the area and have had the same homophobic experience with each and every visit. The moment I express my gayness or my positive HIV status I am accused of Crystal Meth use. They insinuate that I am lying. They threaten me to tell the truth. To these hospitas, which both tout themselves as “diverse” and “inclusive” they should have better training.

I also suffer PTSD, general anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder. Two prescriptions I take are Vyvanse and Ritalin. On my last visit the doctor came to the side of my bed and suggested I was lying about taking Crystal Meth because they found amphetamines in my blood work. I told the doctor to look over my med list so that he could verify that two legit medications I am prescrbed are amphetamines. He did not. He looked me square in the eye and said, “You said you didn’t use Crystal Meth but we found amphetamines in your blood.” Suddenly, I was being treated as a drug addict.

Eisenhower Medical Hospital and Desert Regional Hospital are both inundated with rampant Crystal Meth use here in the valley. I understand their concerns. When I expressed my outrage to be pigeon holed, I was told they ask every patient if they use Crystal Meth. I’ve listened very closely to the other patients/doctors as I receive treatment. I have never heard the question of Crystal Meth come up.

I’ve filed a formal complaint with Eisenhower Medical Hospital and they responded that they had no wrong doing in their homophobic behavior.

Both hospitals should feel shame. Once I answer no to a question of my health, I should not be reffered to as a liar.

I’m so sick and tired of corporations such as Eisenhower Medical Hospital and Desert Regional Hospital lumping me into being a meth addict. They claim to be accepting yet, I leave the hospital feeling rejected and diminished.

Published by Cosgrove Norstadt and Jeff Foote

We are an older couple together for 25 years and married for six. We have appeared on DIARY OF AN AFFAIR for Lifetime. We did a pilot for the Travel Channel called MR. AND MR. SMITH. We also were featured on MSNBC's EXTREME EXPOSURE. Our last project was THE GLORYHOLE which is available on the DVD PARIS 559 or through Vimeo.

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