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Hospitals Demonizing Gay Men

I suffer from Atrial fibrillation. I’ve been to the hospital 6 times this year. Here in the Palm Springs area, I have been to both the major hospitals in the area and have had the same homophobic experience with each and every visit. The moment I express my gayness or my positive HIV status I am accused of Crystal Meth use. They insinuate that I am lying. They threaten me to tell the truth. To these hospitas, which both tout themselves as “diverse” and “inclusive” they should have better training.

I also suffer PTSD, general anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder. Two prescriptions I take are Vyvanse and Ritalin. On my last visit the doctor came to the side of my bed and suggested I was lying about taking Crystal Meth because they found amphetamines in my blood work. I told the doctor to look over my med list so that he could verify that two legit medications I am prescrbed are amphetamines. He did not. He looked me square in the eye and said, “You said you didn’t use Crystal Meth but we found amphetamines in your blood.” Suddenly, I was being treated as a drug addict.

Eisenhower Medical Hospital and Desert Regional Hospital are both inundated with rampant Crystal Meth use here in the valley. I understand their concerns. When I expressed my outrage to be pigeon holed, I was told they ask every patient if they use Crystal Meth. I’ve listened very closely to the other patients/doctors as I receive treatment. I have never heard the question of Crystal Meth come up.

I’ve filed a formal complaint with Eisenhower Medical Hospital and they responded that they had no wrong doing in their homophobic behavior.

Both hospitals should feel shame. Once I answer no to a question of my health, I should not be reffered to as a liar.

I’m so sick and tired of corporations such as Eisenhower Medical Hospital and Desert Regional Hospital lumping me into being a meth addict. They claim to be accepting yet, I leave the hospital feeling rejected and diminished.