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Welcome to The Parlor!

“The Parlor” is an oral storytelling series featuring Jeff + Cosgrove (stars of the HUMP! Fest short film “The Glory Hole”). The two men continue the tradition of telling intimate, raw, hilarious and touching stories from their lives.

City Hall

Episode 1.1

Jeff and Cosgrove tell the story of their historic wedding day on June 28, 2013. After Prop 8 was overturned by the Supreme Court, the two plaintiffs in the case (Kris Perry and Sandy Stier) were the first same sex couple married in California. On whim, Jeff and Cosgrove decided to do the same. The landmark occasion happened at City Hall in San Francisco. Much to their surprise, the photos from that day were used by dozens of news outlets to commemorate the historic victory for civil rights. If you google “Jeff Foote, Cosgrove Norstadt,” you’ll find tons of images of the couple from that day.

Gay Men Draw Vaginas

Episode 1.2

While walking down the street in San Francisco, Jeff and Cosgrove were stopped by the creators of “Gay Men Draw Vaginas” and asked to participate. Their contributions are explained in this episode and were subsequently published in the anthology of drawings.

Miss Patti Calling

Episode 1.3

One year for Jeff’s Birthday, Cosgrove set out to acquire the perfect gift: a call from Miss Patti LaBelle. It didn’t go exactly as planned, but it’s a great story.

HUMP! Fest

Episode 1.4

In 2014, Jeff and Cosgrove starred in a short film called “The Glory Hole.” This is where it all began! They told the true story of how they met and fell in love at a dirty bookstore in San Francisco. Although Cosgrove prefers to just call them “bookstores.” The film was made for Dan Savage’s HUMP! Fest. The screening wowed audiences and ended up winning the Best in Show Prize (based on audience voting). “The Glory Hole” didn’t end at HUMP! and continued to have a far reach, inspiring many others to open up and tell their stories. “The Glory Hole” celebrates love at first sight without shame, even if it happens in a gay hook-up spot. Jeff and Cosgrove have been together ever since that day…. 26 years later. 

Coat of Arms

Episode 1.5

Have you ever wondered where the name “Cosgrove” comes from? Learn the origin in this video a little more about Cosgrove’s personal history.


Episode 1.6

Jeff + Cosgrove talk about what Pride means to them, offer some history on Stonewall and personal experiences being out in public.

A Really Nice Noise

Episode 1.7

For their one year wedding anniversary, Cosgrove commissioned an original song as a gift to Jeff. Daniel Maggio + Wesley Houdyshell (longtime friends and producers of “The Parlor”) wrote and recorded the song for the special day. Check out the annotated song,
“City Hall,” and stick around afterwards for clips of Jeff + Cosgrove on a reality show! “City Hall” is available on all streaming platforms. Artist: Richard Friend (ft. Gatsby’s Fiddle) Saxophone: Raul Valdivia Album: Lee Release Date: 2017


Episode 1.8

Every pill tells a tale. In the process of organizing their monthly prescriptions, Jeff and Cosgrove talk about aging, bi-polar disorder, commitment, Ben Platt, and living with HIV.